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Generative AI will transform government agencies in 2024  

For governments, the year ahead will be about exploring new ways of engaging and service delivery with citizens.

Globally, people across regions and demographics express concerns around the widespread use of generative AI. According to the Publicis Sapient Guide to Next consumer survey, 88 percent of respondents signal that they are apprehensive that Gen AI will cause a loss of human connection, while 87 percent believe that Gen AI could cause an increase in misinformation.  

To address these citizen concerns, government agencies in the public sector will be putting transparency under the microscope in 2024 and helping citizens make sense of how to best interact with generative AI.    

As machine learning accelerates with new human input on a near-constant basis, AI functions such as chatbots are becoming more “human” and articulate in their responses, being able to recognize “sentiment” in real time by interpreting voice, text and tone clues. Government agencies will create transparency and effective data governance around how customer service is delivered. After all, citizens have the right to know whether they are talking to a human or an AI bot.  


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