GC - Igniting Innovation | Accelerating IT Transformation
GC - Igniting Innovation | Accelerating IT Transformation

Empowering Government Innovation
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GOVTECH CONNECTS is the modern liaison between government and industry, forging mission-driven connections between leaders, decision-makers, and influencers across the dynamic tech landscape. Through immersive events, insightful roundtables, and captivating government podcasts, GOVTECH CONNECTS offers a platform to discuss the transformative potential of technology within government. With boundless energy and a passion for innovation, GOVTECH CONNECTS aims to collaboratively identify pathways to achieving common goals, spotlighting emerging technologies and leading the charge in digital transformation and IT modernization.

Upcoming Events

FedFocus '24: FDA-ODT: New Acquisition Strategy, IT Operating Plan & Implementation Plan

June 18, 2024

Discussions will highlight the critical role of technology, emphasizing its increased significance in ensuring the safety and efficacy of food, medical products, and all FDA-regulated products and how industry can prepare to work with the FDA!

Acquisition at the Speed of Innovation Summit

Welcome to Acquisition at the Speed of Innovation Summit, an exhilarating conference by GOVTECH CONNECTS where we’re diving headfirst into the dynamic world of emergent technologies. From AI to digital transformation, hear how the innovators and leaders are breaking barriers, challenging the status quo, and propelling organizations into the future.

Fed to Fed Podcast

In this exclusive series, current and former federal leaders engage in insightful discussions centered around agency priorities, initiatives, challenges, and the exciting realm of IT modernization. Join us as we delve deep into the dynamic landscape of government technology, sharing perspectives on the forefront of innovation and uncovering opportunities to harness the power of technology.

Executive Roundtables

GovTech Connects brings together government and industry experts for intimate and insightful roundtable discussions.

In these collaborative conversations, experts address technological challenges, explore innovative strategies and share digital transformation solutions.